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Sai Home Puja   $250

for sponsors of the temple who want a special in home Shirdi Sai Abishek and puja. We come to devotees house, perform special abishek with our statue of shirdi in your home. This is a very powerful process which brings Shirdi Sai Baba’s energy and blessings into your home. Along with the abishek we perform recitation of the Shirdi Astotram and Arati. If you are interested for this blessing please contact us to schedule this puja

Vastu Consulting   $501

Many of our karmas are reflected within our special orientation of where we live and work.

Vastu Shastra is Vedic architecture principals and how the floor plan of our house, apartment, and office affects us in a positive or negative way.

The majority of our problems and solutions to how to create better health, prosperity, and harmony with our family are contained within our own house/workspace plan. Call or email for a free 15-minute consultation.

Meditation and Healing   $175

Healing is bringing in divine energy to help us with our lives on every deep soul level.

When you receive a healing, it is connecting your energy with the intelligent cosmic energy of the universe. The doors open for change and transformation.

When we receive these vibrations it uplifts us and sets us on the right inner path to understanding our purpose and source of happiness within us. Along with each session, there is a open discussion and training on how we can improve our lives and create inner wisdom.

Special Fire Pujas

Family Karma Puja   $201

There are unseen influences in our lives which often hold us back, block us, and create unmecessary negative outcomes out of our control. Most people cannot see how not just our karmic actions but the past actions of our ancestoral influences are affecting us without us knowing. These special fire pujas are done 2x monthly during the auspicious moon cycles to help remove & release those knots which bind us to create more karmas in our lives.

Prosperity Pujas  $201

We were taught that when good fortune knocks on our doors it is important that we open our hearts to receive those blessings. During these special pujas we invoke both Lakshmi and her sister Chamundeshwari to come into our lives and bless us. In addiont we invoke the protection and benevolent gaze of Vankateshwara to guide and help us to create abundance, prosperity, good health and support of dharma in our lives. This process is very powerful and lasts 21 days with a meditation program that awakens our inner consciousness.

Removing Negativity Puja   $201

We all know what that means. The negative forces which plague us and attack us with no mercy depleting our happiness and life force. These fire pujas are designed to remove and burn those unseen negative arrows which inlufence our lives in many angles. We remove and then invoke the angels to help protect and guide us away from the dark characters and awaken a deep sense of peace and protection in our everyday existence.

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