Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Los Angeles, Meditation, Durga, Hanuman, Homa puja, pooja, vastu, arati, arti, abishek, Ganesh,

South & East Wall


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Folding Glass Door for Temple


We are still using the older garage door inside the temple. We want to remove it and replace it with a folding glass door. This will make the area cleaner and create an even greater beauty for our temple.

Baba Temple Ceiling & Lighting


Beautify the Shirdi Sai Temple by removing the current drop ceiling and opening up to the rafter wood frame above. This will create a larger space inside the Baba temple. Costs: $3,200

Storage Shed for Baba clothes

$4,686 - 8’x12'

We have so many dresses for Baba, Mother Divine, Hanuman, Ganesh that we need to have a separate storage to organize these plus many temple items.

Green house & Hydroponics system


Food independence is essential for our temple and devotees. With a hydroponics system we can grow any vegetable with water! It is organic food which we can grow faster than in the ground in a climate controlled environment. When you learn to grow your own food you can be independent and self reliant.

Plants for Walkway

1. Roses, Jasmine & various plants ($50-75 per plant). You can pick & order directly:

Ayurvedic Plants & Fruit Trees


Ancient healing science through Ayurvedic plants for devotees which we can be given year round for healing purposes. Eventually we want to grow our own Ayurvedic farm which we can then process into packages prescribed by our Ayurvedic Doctor. We want to have trees which bear fruits to be offered to the Gods.  Sponsor or purchase any plant or fruit tree...

New Temple Location

Our current location is limited to accommodate the future number of people who will visit us to receive blessings from Baba, Mother, Hanuman, Ganesh, Shiva & Nine planets. Not to mention the limited number of parking. We need to expand our vision and embrace a larger vision that Baba has for our community. His energy needs to broadcast and pull hundreds...