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Mother Divine

Mother Divine & Her Nature




“Mother is mother to every soul in this universe. She doesn’t belong to any religion at all. The Mother is the universal God/Goddess. Period”. Sri Kaleshwar’s path is a Shiva – Shakti path. He worked to develop both energy systems in all his students. As a part of becoming a master, he required all his students to understand how this creation is a manifestation of the Mother-Shakti. It is her energy which is behind the 5 elements in creation. To be a master Sri Kaleshwar trained and prepared his students to connect and become masterful in partnership with her.



“The Mother is the top, top supernatural character on this planet. Everything came from Her—the bad and the good”. This was Sri Koleshwar’s desire to create spiritual masters who understood all aspects of creation; all aspects of her and her creation. Everyone came into physical form through our mother.


Similarly, Sri Kaleshwar also wanted us to know that our souls also came into creation through the universal form of Mother Divine. To access our Divine Mother, we can understand where we came from, who we are and where we are going in this mystical creation. When we can really understand her we can “operate” with her and create a divine fragrance of enlightenment around us.



“My deeper aim is to send everyone to Mother. The one goal is to connect to Mother Divine, to have the desire to hook Her. Once you enter your Mother’s home, She will take care of you and give you what you really want Then you can demand whatever delicious food you want to eat from Her. If She has the patience She’ll cook it for you; otherwise She will cook you. Just enter into the house then She will take care”.


By connecting with Mother, through the grace of the master, Sri Kaleshwar prepared his students by putting them through mantras and processes to purify them of illusions and karmas. This is the role of the master; refining and raising up the soul vibration so that his students could reach a stamina to stand within the presence of Mother’s energy without falling pray to our own blocks which could serve to trap a student in the Mother’s never end maya



“To see Mother Divine, your eyes have to be open. One hundred percent you have to see Her with your physical eyes. That’s the most important. If you’re not seeing Her with your physical eyes, you’re self-hypnotized. I don’t agree with that. I’m not that kind of teacher in your life. “Swami, I’m meditating, I’m seeing beautiful visions, that’s good, it’s fine, it’s okay, but I’m not talking about seeing Mother Divine as a vision. You have to see Her with your two eyes open”.


Many of Sri Kaleshwar’s students have in fact have had darshan of Mother Divine in her physical form and have survived to tell about it. Having darshan is only the first step in a student’s evolution of the soul. From that point onward that relationship continues to unfold and grow. Once the mother recognizes your soul, she works with you till you eventually merge with her. She is one part the ultimate master in your life to train you to understand the reality of her own creation and so you can recognize who you are and where you came from.



“There is one golden statement to every person in the universe. If you’re born as a human body, even though you’re connecting to a lot of (supernatural) things, advice from the Master, but if you’ve seen Mother Divine then you’ve reached the top rank. From there, to develop your abilities it’s in your hands. Even though you’re developing your abilities, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that Mother Divine leaves you, “Okay, do whatever you want.” She will hold you. Why She holds means…after She’s holding and holding, then if She drops you your life is like a beautiful message on this planet. 100%”.


Like every mother, she wants her child to become the best they can be. She wants her children to behave and act in the highest, most brilliant way. In this process she is strict and at the same time compassionately teaches you where you fall short, where your understanding is lacking and where your weakest character points are needing change.



“(Once you’ve seen Mahakali) you can command, you can wash out anyone’s negativity and you can heal any person in the universe. Her energy is the peak top point, the top system in the universe. If you hook Her, Her energy purifies you. When you’re walking in the garden even the air you breathe in and breathe out is purified. No more negative spirits come around there to be honest, no chance at all. Especially with that vibration, that energy, no chance. That power is hidden there. The most creating form of Mother Divine means Mahakali”.


Mahakali is one of the highest forms of Mother Divine. She is fierce in her relentless pursuit to remove the negativity which covers our soul. She is at the same time the highest positive force in this creation; her fierceness is like a lioness who protects her baby cubs; she is the ultimate love weapon to protect each and everyone of us.

Kaleshwar Sri Chakra

Mother’s structure of creation

Direct understanding of the Sri Chakra—the soul diagram or blueprint of Creation—prepares you for the stages of connecting to Mother Divine in form. In order to prepare for Her darshan, it is important to deeply understand the structure of Her energy; and to directly understand the Creation ‘center point’—the nada bindu—the point where the Mother balances the energy coming into and out of Creation.


Everything in Creation enters and exits through this center point. It is through the nada bindu that you can pull the siddhis, the eight powers of Mother Divine, which are the tools to cut through the illusion. In this process, through the knowledge and application of Sri Kaleshwar’s Sri Chakra yantra (sacred diagram or ‘blueprint’)—in conjunction with specific japa meditation practices—your soul becomes highly magnetized and divinely purified with Her energy. At this stage, your soul is absorbing the deepest silence.


According to Swami Kaleshwar, “If you understand the Sri Chakra energy, if you understand the mantras’ energy, if you really fix those vibrations in your soul, you absolutely have bullet proof protection for your soul. Even though She’s sitting there, you have to understand Her and once you understand Her, that’s it, you can walk.” Mother’s energy is a huge energy, amazing and intense. You must be able to handle it—handle connecting with Her—because winning Her means winning (overcoming) the illusions.


For anyone who wants to win Mother Divine, even a powerful healer, saint or siddha, has to go through the Sri Chakra. You need to be able to access Sri Chakra’s energy. Then, your life becomes a beautiful gift to the world. You are capable of helping to serve and fulfill the needs of those who come to you.