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About Fire Pujas

Every Full Moon we perform a healing during the Fire Pujas. We have created a way to receive “distance healing” for anyone needing obstacles removed, healing and divine energy sent their way. 

Register above and pay a nominal fee of $21 via paypal. We repeat your name and photo while you watch live via You Tube

Register for Fire Puja Blessing

When you register to participate in a distance healing, you tell us your name, upload a photo of yourself and type the name of your parents.

During the fire ceremony, we will recite your name and place our intention to send divine energy to you for whatever issues, obstacles or difficulties you are going through.

There is no judgement on our side. Simply we are invoking the divine energy and divine souls to intervene and support you through this period of time. 

Register for Fire Puja Blessing

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    6020 Melvin Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 91356, United States