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All these saints lived within very close timelines of each other. They were all closely linked with each other on a supernatural level that only advanced souls can do. Although they did not practice the same as each other, they all incarnated into each life as already advanced souls who quickly achieved enlightenment within their lives. The came into this “Brotherhood of Saints” and were part of a “Network of consciousness” to bring about a spiritual revolution that would impact the planet in a powerful way.

All these great saints and mystics came to realize God within themselves. Each understood the nature of reality in the world and uniquely each had their own personal and profound relationship Mother Divine as well. Each of these saints were accomplished SHIVA characters and lead their lives as such; living the world but not of it. Detached and free souls to utilize their souls capacity to help their devotees realize their own divinity and to cast out divisiveness with other religions; seeing that God is the same in all paths.

This is the fundamental thread of truth which all these saints reached and emphasized to their devotees. Shirdi Baba stood firm in this conviction and preached this till his last breath. This is our fundamental premise as well and part of our teachings here at the Shirdi Sai Temple. We honor and respect all these saints and bring their energy and blessings as part of our temple philosophy. We have photos within the temple as a reminder of their teaching and that these saints are part of our Brotherhood Network to uplift each other.

Sai Baba of Shirdi

Hindu and Muslim saint (died 1918)

Sai Baba of Shirdi
Hindu and Muslim saint (died 1918)
Was the incarnation of Dattatreya. At a young age he met his guru Vankusa and spent many years simply serving him. Eventually his guru saw that it was time that it was Baba’s time to fulfill his dharma and sent him to the small village of Shirdi. With just the brick given him from Vnakuasa, he went and did his Sadhana there. Shirdi Baba was an accomplished avadhut master, who mastered the 5 elements and because of his austerities, was able to perform many miracles and heal many of his devotees. He was beyond the elements, knew the past and future and was established in his inner consciousness. Like a shiva character, he lived a life as a simple beggar in a small village. His message to both the Hindu and Muslim devotees was: “Candles may be different but the flame is the same”. God exists in every human being, the bodies, lives and appearances may differ but God is contained in every soul.


Indian Hindu sage (1879–1950)

Sri Kaleshwar
Sri Kaleshwar traveled across India, visiting many powerful saints and power spots. During his sadhana he had numerous direct experiences about his own divine nature and the future of his spiritual mission. Eventually, his sadhana led him to settle in a small village in his native state of Andhra Pradesh…Penukonda.
Kaleshwar’s coming to Penukonda was predicted four hundred years ago when another powerful saint, Virabrahmhendra, sat at the mouth of one of the Yagantri caves and wrote an extraordinary manuscript: a detailed chronicle of future events called the Kalajnana, which is now considered a national treasure of India. It accurately predicted world events—in India and abroad—as well as the personal details of many individual’s lives.
One such account foretold the coming of a young man who would come like a diamond from stone, whose soul bore the energy of Mother Divine. He would come in our time — at the turn of this century — to bring extraordinary light and astonishing knowledge to the world. The Mother, Adishakti Parashakti, would accept his pujas (worship). She would listen and answer his prayers. He would be an incarnation of love with extraordinary power. Just having his darshan (see him) was enough in their lifetime. Those who believed in him would automatically receive the energy and power from him. He would spread the supernatural power channels to all the souls who were interested in learning them from him. He would bring the real Jivanmukti.
People from around the world have witnessed Swami Kaleshwar’s divine gifts: hundreds of miracles have been documented; thousands and thousands have experienced healings by him; his books and teachings reveal knowledge never before given to the world; he traveled the globe helping and healing more and more people each year, as well as giving talks on the depth and breadth of the sacred knowledge of India that has been passed down to him. Yet, when asked what he feels is his greatest gift to the world, he simply says, “My students.”
“Every soul has the potential to reach the level of a Shirdi Baba or Jesus and contribute amazing things to the world,” Swami says. “Everybody can do it. That’s my golden statement. That’s my mission. Everybody’s equal. What did Jesus Christ say? Who really trusts in him—they will become more powerful than him. That means all his students. Everybody’s equal.” Swami believes that it is a master’s duty to teach the knowledge to the student so he or she can reach this level not to keep them as students or devotees forever. “Studentism is a kind of slavery, “ Swami says. It is his heartfelt desire to create spiritual masters that are “greater” and more powerful than he is.
“The only difference between the master and the student is knowledge,” says Swami. “The master knows certain things that the student does not yet know. If I’m eating a mango, it’s crazy just to say to you, ‘This is so sweet!’ You must taste the sweetness for yourself.” Swami says that you must have that knowledge and that it is his dharma, his duty, to bring the ancient knowledge of the great rishis of India to the modern world. For thousands of years this knowledge has been hidden and protected, taught only to a few. Now is the time for the world to receive the knowledge of the powerful spiritual systems written about in the ancient manuscripts.
The knowledge is important and how you use it is important. This is the wisdom that Swami Kaleshwar is giving open-heartedly to the world. He is a spiritual master intent on making more spiritual masters—hundreds more—who in turn will have the capacity to make hundreds and thousands more. All of them will be trained to bring enlightenment and healing to mankind during these critical times.
Sri Kaleshwar’s mission is to change the way spirituality is practiced—to bring a new level of spirituality to all mankind—one that will bring happiness to every person’s heart—one that will change the world’s belief system. This is his duty, his dharma. Everything he does is to fulfill this pledge.

Ramakrishna Paramahansa

Indian mystic and religious preacher (1836–1886)

Ramakrishna Paramahansa
Indian mystic and religious preacher (1836–1886)
Had a deep understanding of the universality of all religions. He personally connected to all of them himself and his writings are profound testament to his intense spiritual message.“All religions are equally valid. He found a place for each one in his own life. He first realized God by following Hindu practices, and then by following the Christian and Muslim paths. Such a journey is unique in the religious history of the world. He afterwards proclaimed, ‘As many faiths, so many paths. Ramakrishna also spoke highly of Buddha, the Sikh gurus, and the great Jain masters.
Ramakrishna also had a personal and intimate communications with Maha Kali, the embodiment of Mother Divine who is so relevant now in this age of Kali Yuga. His books talk about that profound relationship and how he would meet with her each and every night of his later years.

Paramahansa Yogananda

20th-century Indian yogi and guru January 5, 1893 – March 7, 1952

Paramahansa Yogananda
20th-century Indian yogi and guru  January 5, 1893 – March 7, 1952
Was instrumental to bring his brand of Kriya Yoga to the west and introduced meditation to westerners and the human potential through yoga. His writings of Indian Spirituality speak volumes to spiritual seekers around the world. His most famous books talked about his spiritual path in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. He also wrote about the Bhagavad Gita. He also wrote his personal experience of his relationship with Jesus Christ which was released 50 years after his passing.

Similarly as with many saints mentioned her, yogananda also had a deep relationship with Mother Divine. Wherever there is Shiva, Mother must also be close by. They are compliments and essentially 2 sides of the same coin. All saints know this fundamental truth and it is part of the spiritual path which they know well. Here is how Yogananda described it:

In creating this universe God revealed two aspects: the masculine or fatherly, and the feminine or motherly. If you close your eyes and visualize vast, illimitable space, you become overwhelmed and enthralled — you feel naught but pure wisdom. That hidden, infinite sphere wherein there is no creation, no stars or planets — only pure wisdom — is the Father. And Nature with her diamond-dazzling stars, the Milky Way, the flowers, birds, clouds, mountains, sky — the countless beauties of creation — is the Divine Mother. In Nature you behold the mother aspect of God, full of beauty, gentleness, tenderness, and kindness. The beauty in the world bespeaks the creative motherly instinct of God, and when we look upon all the good in Nature, we experience a feeling of tenderness within us — we can see and feel God as Mother in Nature.

Honoring All Traditions And Saints

To understand true spirituality, one must study the saints and their teachings in depth. We acknowledge those saints which Mother India has given birth to, as a gift to humanity through their teachings, selfless service and blessings. From Adi Shankarcharya, Veda Vyasa, Krishna Deva Raya, Yogi Vemana, Buddha and Jesus; extending to this century’s most prominent saint such as Yogananda, Rama Krishna Paramahamsa, Ramana Maharshi, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Bagawan Nityananda, and Sri Kaleshwar. We spend a great deal of time reading and studying their teachings and stories to gain a deeper self-awareness and inner wisdom.