Shirdi Sai

Ways to Donate

Our Shirdi Sai Temple relies on the donations of our devotees. We are working to purchase a larger property to build a larger temple. In 2021, we have started a campaign to get 100 donors to give $100/month. This will cover the costs for the mortgage/lease, utilities, and permits for the new property.


1) After logging in, go to “Pay & transfer” and select “Zelle”
2) Then click on the option to add a new recipient
3) Select the option to “Send money with QuickPay with Zelle”
4) Enter “Shirdi Sai Temple” for the name and “” for the email, then click “Save”
5) You will see a confirmation that the recipient has been added. Then click “Send Money”
6) Select the option for “Repeating payment” and complete the amount and date you would like to donate. Then click “Next”
6) Confirm that everything looks good, then click on “Send money”
7) After this step, you will see a confirmation page like the one below. That’s it! You are all set for a monthly donation to the Shirdi Sai Temple.